Partnering For Construction Projects


Success Through PartneringPartnering-2

Practical, Unique and Very Effective



  • Help team members build rapport and solve problems in a lively, supportive atmosphere.
  • Define project goals:
  • What will it take for this project to be successful?
  • What hurdles is the project facing?
  • How will key issues be resolved in advance?
  • Improve understanding and communication among team members.
  • Complete the project to the satisfaction of all parties.


  • Facilitator will interview key players for input on project challenges.
  • Workshop will be tailored to meet goals of client and project.
 Course Content May Include:
(Tailored to your needs)


ARCH Communication Styles

  • Participants are introduced to the four ARCH Styles Professional actor will dramatize for clarity. This process opens people up through humor and understanding.
  • Each person will identify his/her style.
  • Individuals will express how they want to be approached to be successful.
  • Team members will learn to understand and appreciate their differences.

Function Groups

  • Participants will form groups according to their function on the project: Users, architects, contractors, engineers, facilities, etc.
  • Groups will list unresolved issues and potential problems on the project.
  • Issues will be dealt with by problem solving groups.
  • Groups will report their findings to entire team.

Problem Solving Groups

  • Team members will join groups of their choice to discuss specific issues.
  • They will develop an action plan, follow-up, and ways to measure success.
  • Groups will present their plan to all participants.
  • Entire group will examine and make agreements.
  • Project Team will create a Partnering Charter for this project (optional).

Role-Plays – Resolving Conflicts

  • Specific role-plays can be prepared in advance to address key issues.
  • Audience members practice and present to group.
  • Communication model introduced and practiced.
  • Includes approaches for each ARCH Communication Style.