General Comments


You saved our project.  I mean it.  Your work was a fundamental turning point in a project where (like many) the human dynamics were more difficult and more important than the design, the budget, and all that business stuff combines.   The thanks should come from us.
(Caltrans LA Hdqts) Dan Rosenfeld, Urban Partners 213-437-0470
Workshop helps us all find out a little more about our teammates and ourselves. Great session!
Kevin Kaestner, Dept of General Services, CA 916- 445-5920 (Caltrans LA Hdqts)
The partnering session was great the first time and spectacular the second time.
Bob Sleppy, Dept of General Services – California 916- 376-1602
Your program really resonated with the people here in Sacramento. Nothing but Kudos. It’s wonderful to learn something AND have fun, and all at work!
John Goleman, Dept. of General Services, CA
I really like the positive way Carole Linn brings people out and deals with the issues.
Bob Fritch, UC Irvine 949 824-6641
Best Partnering Session I’ve attended, and you did it in one day – unbelievable!
Bob Sommer, Army Corp of Engineers
A lot of issues came up without hostilities. Lighthearted approach really helped. Competent, sincere effort to connect the message to the task.
Duane Ringles, UC Irvine
A great way to understand the needs of your team members and learn to approach each individual for greater success.
Roy Folmuth, Leo A. Daly Architects
Beneficial and mandatory for all projects! The actor was great and helps the time pass quickly.
Parrish Dyer, UC Irvine
Very informative – would recommend to anyone!
Duane Mockus, Ninteman Costruction
The “Colors” theme describing communication styles really worked for me. (And I have been to 2 or 3 partnering meetings)
Luis Arihiga, EJ&C Architects
Workshop opened everyone up so that they were willing to share concerns.
Brandon Rice, Soltek Pacific Construction
Good way to understand team member’s behaviors and needs.
Shezad Khaliq, Nabih Youssef Engineers
Your sessions were and are a tremendous assistance to putting our teams in the right direction and making sure everyone knows each other from the inside-out prior to firing off with damaging “team destroying” comments. Thank You.
Michael Zari, Dept. of General Services
Well planned and performed. I didn’t know the different communication styles even existed.
David Norberg, Nielson Dillingham
CalTrans District 11 Headquarters Project
Lively, informative but presented in an entertaining fashion – good job.
Jim Day, Project Executive, Clark Construction
Very entertaining. Leads to a lot of self-reflection – but in a positive way which is unusual.
David Edmonson, Bergelectric
Professional, entertaining & worth a day I thought I did not have to spare.
Very good and important for the team.
John W. – Tishman
Fun, interactive, entertaining and insightful.
Deanna Beland
Very good and eye opening.
Lauren Moore
Fun, functional to develop partnerships & identifying key problems.
Rebecca D.
Informative and maintained my interest. Met goals and provided tools for application.
John Rieger
Entertaining, educational approach to ARCH Styles.
Alan Petrasek
Interesting way to see yourself in relation others.
Tom Fee
Frank Landry
Useful for large projects & interpersonal success within project teams. I’ve been to Myers/Briggs before, but this seems like it will stick with this group because we were all here.
Jim Tkach